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Welcome to the
Internet's oldest
and largest financial
website banner exchange!

Since March of 1997, we've been providing free banner advertising services for financial oriented websites. FAT is the largest free banner exchange online, bar none. Other banner exchanges promise - we deliver. If you're looking for banner rotation hosting, you've just found the biggest & best - we serve more free banner ads than any other financial banner exchange.

If you have a financially oriented website you can be a member of our exclusive club. We seek financial sites such as stock allocation, technical stock picks, fundamantal stock picks, stock trading systems, financial data providers, bond, real estate investment, banking, insurance, accounting firms, etc. Sorry, we don't accept Multi Level Marketing and "get rich quick" type sites.

Since we only allow financial sites to join we reach a targeted pool of viewers who are highly interested in your subject matter. This targeted approach makes your banner more than twice as effective as traditional non targeted banners.

The Financial Ad Trader has served 547,985 banners for our 205 active members in the past 30 days.

If you're not a member but would like to join, we provide programming code which you paste into your HTML. This code allows financial banners to appear on your site. You provide us with a banner and we load it into our system. Your banner will appear on other financial sites and other member's banners will appear on your site. Here is how the banner will look on your site:

  banner advertising
The Financial Ad Trader


Your banner will appear one time on the FAT network for every two banners that you show on your site. We use some of the extra banners to promote the service and the rest will be sold to pay for the service. If you're not a member of The Financial Ad Trader or if you wish to purchase additional banner ads above and beyond your free banner allocation please review our rate card.

In addition to free banner advertising, we also offer FAT members these other free benefits:

1. FREE FINANCIAL CONTENT... FAT Utilities provide FAT members free financial content and extra advertising credits all at the same time. To check our current list of free offerings, click here. If you have a financial website that would like to provide content to other financial sites and get free advertising in return, send us an email at webmaster@adtrader.com.

2. FREE STATS... see how many times your banner is viewed and how many people click thru it to visit your site. We provide daily historical information and individual page stats which tell you which pages of your site are most/least popular. Check out an example of our stat package. Feel free to click all the links to see the different stat formats.

3. FREE RECIPROCAL LINKS... do you want to swap links with others to increase traffic to your financial website? Join FAT to get your site listed for free on the FAT reciprocal link list page.

4. FREE LISTING... all active FAT members are listed on our members page.

5. FREE PROMOTION TIPS... everyone on the web is interested in promoting their site. Check out our promotion tips page which gives you advice on how to drive extra visitors to your website for free.

6. THE FAT TOP TWENTY... is your financial website getting good traffic, but not being recognized? The Top Twenty FAT websites are featured on a daily basis.

Click here to join FAT today!

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